Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stream Team Trash Pick-Up and Campout

The Club held a river clean-up on Elk River on Saturday, May 31 and camped out that night. Like last year, the rain caught us on the river. Fortunately we found shelter under a tree with a tarp. The weather did get better and we finished our trip with the sun shining.

When we arrived back at Wayside, we were treated to lunch from Tyson foods and a prize drawing from the ERWIA. Afterwards, we made camp and the kids went swimming.

At 4:00 AM another storm passed through and we heard thunder and raindrops splashed on our tents. Unbelievably, some of the campers didn't even wake up! After we got up in the morning, more storm clouds moved in so we decided to send the kids home earlier than planned.

Now for the good part, the river and river banks were really clean! In the nine years we have been collecting trash on the river, we came back with the least amount of trash this year. Amazingly, this was the weekend after Memorial Day. Rod Lett, the owner of Wayside told me they had a record number of people floating that weekend, yet the river was very well maintained. I believe that people are really beginning to learn that our environment needs to be kept clean.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jones Center Trip

Check out the fun we had at the Jones Center. I bet you wish you had joined when you had the chance!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Elk River Clean-Up Set

The NCC will be conducting a river clean-up Thursday, May 24. We will be meeting at Wayside Campground in Noel at 7:00 AM. We will leave the campground at 7:30. We will camp out at Wayside Thursday night.

Members need to bring a sack lunch for Thursday. Dinner and Breakfast will be provided. You will also need to bring shoes for the river, no flip-flops. Also, bring stuff to camp out with. You should bring tents, sleeping bags, and your teddy bears.

Monday, April 23, 2007

May 5 Trip to the Tulsa Zoo

The Conservation Club will be going to the Tulsa Zoo on Saturday, May 5th.